Incoming Students - Access

"Makedonia" International Airport (SKG) of Thessaloniki is 16 km outside the city and served by many major airlines. The airport is served 24-hours by taxi (that can be found at the corresponding "piazza" just out the main exit) and bus line 78 (or 78N during night) of the Organisation of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (OASTH). Line 78 starts from Macedonia Central Bus Station, stops at the Railway Station of Thessaloniki and arrives to the airport through the city center. At the Railway Station and A.S. IKEA bus stops, passengers can find many connections with many other major bus lines.

In order to come to Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki you have to use line 52 of OASTH from the Railway Station of Thessaloniki. There is a bus stop just outside the entrance of the campus. For any further information regarding the OASTH bus routes, timetable and relevant services, please consult OASTH official web page.

In the following google map ATEITH is marked with a red symbol.